Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sorry For Being MIA Readers.

So, the last few months have been insanely busy. Last I saw my wonderful little blog is was back at the beginning of October. Thankfully I took pictures of everything I received thinking I would be able to sit down and breath to write my blog and catch up, but no such luck. Instead of doing my normal detailed reviews and pricing I am going to do quick run downs. I will be posting the fun awesomeness from this month very soon! Lets begin with the company I canceled... BirchBox, their quality just plummeted, there are to many sampling companies at this point to waste my time and money on them anymore.

This is October's supposedly high end Goop collaboration Birchbox. Or as I refer to it the nail in the coffin box... 3 out of 5 items are things I can find at my local Target. So here is what I got. We will start with the Essie nail polish, Birchbox touted this as a color from the latest collection. Boy was I surprised to find out that is actually is from the Summer Resort Collection 2011. Next up is a Luna Bar, there are few things in the world that disgust me more than a protein bar, no matter how pretty the packaging, but in fairness I thought what the hey I will give it a whirl, it is lemon after all. IT WAS GROSS, cardboard comes to mind, flavored with the lemony smelling bathroom refreshers. Last in the I can get this anywhere spot is Sprout Cocoa lip balm, now maybe I can't get Sprout anywhere, but I can get cocoa flavored lip balm that does the same thing at any given convenience store to mass merchant, boo. Now for the remaining 2 items. We have Marie Veronique Body Oil. I have yet to use this though it smells pretty nice, maybe since the temps are dropping and I am becoming a dried prune I will give it a whirl. Finally we have the barely single use awkward twist off cap thingy Joanna Vargas Daily Serum, haven't used this one either. I have so many face creams that getting them all used is a pain!

Since I decided to cancel Birchbox, I decided to just cut all ties, this included using up my points. I had over 500 saved up! 500 points is equal to $50.00 cash to spend. There was only one thing after all these months I had been with Birchbox that I really really wanted to get my paws on after getting the sample in my box. That was The Balm Stainiac, I really really fell in love with it when I got it a few months back and had sucked that little sample size dry. The other 3 items I got just to quench my love of eyeshadow! I have always really liked Benefit products so when I saw these 2 colors of double duty shadow and liner creams I had to have them! The Stiletto on the left is more of a maroon than I could get the picture to go the other color Skinny Jeans is spot on though. These are amazing, they staying power blew my mind, I fell asleep one night in my makeup, woke up the next morning looked in the mirror and my shadow still looked perfect! The last item I chose is by Alima, to be honest I had never heard of the company and I chose this loose eyeshadow in Zen because I had x amount left to spend out of the 50.00. Turns out I really really like this loose powder, it's gunmetal shimmery greyness really adds to a lot of different looks, and its great all on it's own as well.

 Though I wasn't particularly thrilled with the offerings from Sample Society for October I am keeping them, their track record has for me a least been awesome. I will start with my 2 OMG items in the box. First is the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, from the smell to how it make my face feel there is so much awesome going on, and then its GREEN, who doesn't love green stuff! Second is Aromachology perfume in Clean and Fresh, this is the perfect scent for those days when you know that you will be rushing around and want to keep things light, I usually throw it on right after a shower. Then there are the Meh items and the totally confusing item. Meh one is Oscar Blandi Volumizing Shampoo. I am a stickler about Shampoo and Conditioner, if I get the shampoo I want to try the conditioner too so just sending one or the other doesn't make sense, so I haven't even tried this yet in other words. Meh two is yet another facial cream, Erno Laszlo Balm, like I said earlier about another cream I have so many I haven't tried this yet. The Herban Essentials Lavender Towelette was an extra item, not much to say its a cleaning towelette, I have it throw in my gym bag, haven't needed it yet though. Last is the WTH item of the month of October, Jane Iredale Tantasia... Last I checked October is fall and there for the time of the year that we human folk allow ourselves to lose our tans and get ready for winter. Call me crazy. Other than to put it on the back of my hand to see it it turned me orange I haven't used this either, and have put it away for next spring.

Finally a ray of PURE sunshine in a October of Blah. October's MyGlam /Ipsy bag is awesome! This item combo is brilliant. I can't say enough good about Ipsy at this point. The bag for October was to cute and is now holding my makeup specific q-tips. The Balm made an appearance with their Whats Your Type mascara, mine was Body Builder, I have been using it like crazy and will have to buy the full size soon. Next is a mini Coastal Scents hot pot palette, if you have read my blog before you will know that I fell in love with Coastal Scents not to long ago when I bought a full sized palette of shadows, these 4 colors are no exception, they are wonderful! I will be wearing them this week in fact when we take our Family Christmas photos, slackers we are... I am a hair treatment junkie so Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment made me all kinds of excited! I have used it a couple of times and it really does an amazing job, smells awesome too. Another new brand to me is Be A Bombshell, the product is eyeliner in Onyx, the best way to describe it is basically it's a marker. The crisp lines you can create with it are Epic! Last but not least is a product that has been a go to for me since receiving this bag in October, Mirenesse Lip Bomb lip tar. The color is amazing, the feel is great, and the lasting power is perfect. I would buy it again, that is if I ever seem to run out of the bazillion lip products I have at this point, once the world calms down I will take some pictures of my giant collection of lippies, its huge. 

Well that's all for today, I will continue through my backlog of stuffs tomorrow. For now I leave you with total cuteness! This precious perpetual baby is Shelby the tiny cat, she is 1 1/2 and my princess kitty. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me!