Friday, June 22, 2012

June Look Bag! Makup Bliss!!!!

I have been a bad bad blogger. Last week I received both my June Look Bag and Green Grab Bag. I took pictures and edited them all... And then, I didn't post a blog about either. So today y'all will be getting a double blog. I will get the second one up later this evening.

With that said! June's The Look Bag!!!!!

This is how it comes in a bubble envelope. I like it, but I wish they were reusable bubble envelopes, green is an effort all around.

I love the bag everything comes in! The organza cinch top bags are awesome for tons and tons of different things from gifting to storage!!!

As with most all other sub services you get a card that gives you a monthly greeting, theme and tells about the products that are inside. This month the theme was June Beauty Boom, they really were putting an emphasis on taking care of your skin during the summer, very good sage advice!!!

The first product, #1 on the card is Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing cream. I haven't tried this yet, but it will be nice to take this little tub along with me on vaca because I will be out in the sun a ton and in the water so I don't want to get dried out! The sample value of this is $2.20.

Next #2, says it is Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream, but what I was sent is Snowberry Intensive Renewal Face Serum. I am really glad I got this instead of the night cream, I have tons of that. For in the morning this is amazing!!! It has a slight smell of oatmeal, which I like, and it goes on and soaks in perfectly, dries quick too. It leaves your face feeling very very fresh! The sample value of this serum is $22.26. Just for giggles, the sample value of the night cream would have been $8.56 for the same size sample.


#3 on the card is Korres Eyeshadow. The color I received is Golden and it is part of the Sunflower Evening Primrose line. I am in love with this shadow! The pigment is amazing and really gives a lot of color!!! I have worn it several times now by itself. You can use it lightly for an all over color and then it can be layered more for a deeper pigmented color! This is a full sized product!!!! The price for one of these are $13.49.

The #4 item is this liner sharpener made by Prescriptives. I really like when boxes send out tools like this! This sharpener can put a point on both fat pencils and when the insert is placed small pencils! I had to estimate the price of this because I could not find this sharpener for sale on the Prescriptives web site. My estimate is around $2.00.

The Last product that comes in a Look Bag is a personal product that is chosen just for you based on your beauty profile. I received this Too Faced Sparkler Glamour Gloss in Violet Vapor. I like this gloss, but there are some aspects of it I am not a huge fan of. I love love love the color, the pictures do not do it any justice at all. It is a iridescent light purple white and other colors sparkle. I like the packaging. I also like how it comes out with the wind up, I do not like that you can turn it both ways and have to hold the bottom to twist up the top, I have been turning the wrong way a lot. I also do not like the feeling of it on my lips. It is very very grainy, not cool. This is another full sized product and the price is $9.99 for a tube.

So, all in all great bag! I am definitely going to stick with the Look Bag if they continue to send products of this level and variety! The look bag costs $10.00 a month. This bag was worth a total of $49.94. Not bad for $10.00.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birchbox Customer Service Replacment Product

Hey folks, I posted my May Birchbox a while back and in my box I got a tube of Dr. Jarts+ Beauty Balm that barely had enough in it for a full use. I emailed Birchbox after I found this out and I just received my replacement today!!!

This is the offender.
This tube which was rather large only had .06 fl oz in it. It was worth $1.12.

These are what I was sent as a replacement.
They each have .33 fl oz in them!!! Upgrade Awesome! Thanks Birchbox!!
New sample value is $12.42, that's a hella jump!!!

Remeber if you haven't already to sign up for Sircle Samples, its free referral link below!!!!! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Note - New Sub Service to Launch

It was brought to my attention earlier today that there is a new subscription service that will be launching this fall, they seem to be geared towards lifestyle products which is cool, I am signed up to get in with Crave Box now that does the same type of deal. Here is the link if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of what could be a neat service.

Sircle Samples! Its a pretty cool way to get some free samples!

Hey guys this morning I want to talk a little about Sircle Samples. They are a website, where you do different things and take surveys and add to your makeup bag for Sircle Coins which you then can use in your personalized sample shop. I just got in last night they are still in Beta so they are going down the list to get people in. Last night I just had the time to fill out my beauty profile and I already had enough Sircle coins to "buy" a small bottle of stretch mark cream, which I am battling against and their makeup bag which is pretty big and has a detachable brush bag in it, score!!! Here is my referral link please use it, its free, no CC required!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birchbox June: The Jetsetter Box

 Birchbox time!!!!! Last month my box came super late. This month on the other hand it came pretty early! I really kind of like the surprise of arrival even if what is in my box isn't a big surprise! Darn you Makeup Talk forums! LOL! 

This month the box theme was Jet setter, an awesome theme for the summer! Like I was saying in my Target bag post I will be going on vacation the first week of July some of the products are going to be perfect for my trip, the other couple will be really fun to try out.

This is how the box looks when you open it up! I heart the little present inside!

Here is a shot of all the products I received this month! One is full sized, love it!!! A lot of people were not thrilled with their boxes, I on the other hand am most perfectly happy!

I am going to start with the lifestyle extra for the month this is a Tili Bag. They are like a pretty colored, heavy duty, vinyl feeling, quart sized baggie. What can I say, other than, well its pretty, and I hope it stands up to a little abuse... Yup, that's about it. I have decided to use it to put all my body and face products in it for my vaca... The value on this is $.70.

Next up is Hair Rules Volumizing Shampoo for all hair types! Yay more trip Shampoo!!!! All I need is a little more conditioner and I will be set to go all week without having to bring a single full sized bottle of hair product! The sample value of this is $3.75.

 This is the Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen. This is an interesting little creature. It can be used as a lip or cheek stain, the formula is a gel base which is pretty cool. I swatched a bit of it on the back of my hand and it blends amazingly well for a mostly liquid and dries very nicely! I am going to try it tomorrow morning and report back on how it works into my makeup application. The value on this is $2.26.

Next in the run down are these La Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser Wipes. These are so very very cool, they are 100% Biodegradable, how amazing is that! Perfect and I mean perfect for camping! These are so going into my vaca stash! The sample value for these 2 wipes are $.66.

Last but not least are these beauties!!!! These are Winks by Georgie, faux lashes in La Starlette. My lashes have always been pretty good, but as with many things there is always room for improvement. I have wanted to try falsies for quite a while, but I have never wanted to pay for them. These are considered "refill" lashes, because when you buy the full product you get a full little compact and a full bottle of lash glue. The "sample" value is $15.00.

My Birchbox this month is worth $22.37, this is $12.37 over the $10.00 I pay monthly for my box!

Freebie!!! Target Summer Beauty Bag!!

I posted the link awhile back for the Target Summer Beauty Bag, I hope y'all got to use it! Well, I got mine in today and I must say I am not at all disappointed!!! So, without further ado here it is!

This is how the bag comes, everything is contained within the makeup bag itself! I personally like it, but I wish it was a little better padded mostly because there are a lot of squishy things inside which you will see in a moment!

This is the makeup bag, it is so cute!!! It is padded, and the outer part is made out of a cotton canvas in an super pretty design! I think I will be using as my traveling pill dispenser, as I am on several prescriptions and the size is right. It is made by Contents by Allegro and the design series is called Garden Variety. The cost of this bag is $5.99.

Here is a big pic of the contents! The awesome thing is I will get use out of everything here! Especially with a 7 day in the woods on the river excursion looming the first week of July.

First up is Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Detoxifying Scrub. It smells like a field of wild flowers! The bottle says it is oil free and soap free, so it will be a welcome addition to my toiletry bag! The sample amount is $.92. This price is probably a little off what it would normally be simply because Target has this on sale for $5.40 online for a full size tube.

Let me begin by saying I love love love Tresemme!!!! There products work great and smell amazing, it is one of my two shampoo and conditioner brands I switch between, and I am on a Tresemme kick right now! These are Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner. I haven't used these, but as much as I am in the pool, at the beach, and doing other hair damaging things in the summer I welcome them with open arms. The sample value for the two bottles is $.38, this may not seem like much, but keep in mind a full 25 oz. of this is 4.79 and these 1 oz bottles have at least 2 uses if not more in them. 2 or more uses in my mind ='s 2 or more days during vaca that I can use samples instead of lugging full size stuff.

Again I get excited for my trip!!!! This is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 70!!! Perfect for my face and ears which get burned so so easy! Smells like sunblock, it says its waterproof, ok I am sold! We shall see though! The sample value is $2.34.

Last thing of actual value in the bag are these foil packets of Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and conditioner. This is the 2nd Fructis foil packet duo I have received in the last couple weeks. Which again I am good with with my trip coming up that's 2 more days I don't have to worry with lugging big bottles, so keep the hair stuff coming sample boxes!!! This foil packet duo is worth $.12.

These last two items I put an actual value on of $0.00. But I can give a review of the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter, I don't like it... It is thick, sticky, and has a grainy feel which doesn't make me happy... Oh Emma Stone, as much as I heart you I don't like the product you are repping...

Last but not least is the customary coupon book. Though this can be valuable it has no real value. So the coupon value is $19.00.

So, all in all the freebie sample bag total is $9.75! Not bad for free!

(I received this bag for free from Target, all of my reviews are honest and my own.)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Brace for Funny!!! My free Platinum Box "Fit" Box!

About 3 weeks ago I saw a code posted for a free Platinum Box which is a subscription sample box. Previous months with them have not been great, I don't sub to them so I have never personally seen the products they send out. Since this was free and I didn't have to enter my CC # I decided to sign up for giggles. And there were lots and lots of giggles when I got it, believe me!!!
To begin, if this kind of packaging is platinum then Sample Society, BirchBox, and most every other Sub should be considered Diamond!!!

How it looked inside as soon as I opened it.... It looks like they just stuffed it all in there with no apparent plan, also notice there is no card to tell you anything about the products.... Strike Two Platinum Box... And Now to the products, and no I am not making anything up, it is really what is in the box.

I am going to start with the most interesting item that I will actually use. Ultimate Flurry Protein Bar in Cookie Lovers. I have read a few reviews and I looked at some of their other products and they look good. I haven't bitten into this gem yet but it looks promising and can't be half as bad as other protein bars I have tried. If all is good I could look into buying these to have at work. Sample price is $2.08.

Next is VP2 Whey Protein Isolate Shake in Creamy Vanilla. I do work out, not body builder working out or anything but I would like to bulk up my arms and legs, so this isn't to to bad, and creamy vanilla can't be to horrible, right... Sample Price 1.01

 Well, straight up this product scares me, I don't think I will use this at all. This is Maniac by Sports Nutrition in Fruit Punch flavor... It says it all in the name, Maniac, no thanks... Sample Price is $.55...

These are TwinLab Power Fuel Formulas 52 Pre Training drink mix in Blue Rasberry. I might actually give these a whirl on my trips to the gym in the early AM... Sample price for two is $1.31.

Next to last is Body Form High Octane Thermogenic drink mix in Cherry Limeade. This is the only other product that seems like something I might want to really try and buy if its any good. The sample price is $.82.


This dear readers is so bad so so bad. This is Perform 4 capsule pack of Maximum Thrust Proprietary Complex Libido and Stamina Capsules yes, I am serious!!!!!! A male enhancement product in a get fit box!!!! And a big NO. This sample is worth $.73, must be some good stuff... HAHAHA!!!

Total Sample Value is $6.50, it was free so whatever...

Summer Makeup. Mineral Fun!

 The Summer time is a makeup nightmare for my face, being outdoors so much I tan all kinds of different colors. I was talking to my Momma and she has just started using the Bare Minerals products she said it has been amazing for her skin and really evens out and blends beautifully, I really want to try them but their initial cost for the full set is so expensive, especially when I don't know how it will work for me!!! So off to Kmart I went to try to find the same types of products to see how they worked.

To start with is my go to primer! I Heart this stuff so much!!! I have said before that I really like Rimmel London products this is no exception. It is a 5 in 1 primer, it Smoothes, Resurfaces, Brightens, Mattifies, and Protects, and yes it actually does all of the above not just a gimmick! This primer is not tinted as many are, I really like that as well.

This is a new product for me, Cover Girl CGsmoothers Tinted Moisturizer. It comes in 3 tones fair to light, tan to medium, medium to dark. I was a little hesitant and debating between the Physicians Formula and This one. The price is was finally made me cave to try it, 7.00 vs. 14.00 for a try me product, I am willing to pay 7.00 for something not to work perfectly. Well surprisingly this does work perfectly for my skin tone!!! I am thrilled, a lot of the time when things are for fair to light there is quite a bit of pink undertone not such a problem here! It blends effortlessly.

 Next is the first of two mineral products that looked like a good start for me. This is Cover Girl trublend minerals in translucent light all over powder. I had to look at this 3 or 4 times because it just seemed to dark to be considered translucent or light. Her again I decided just to take the plunge and give it a whirl. And again awesomeness!!! The coverage is amazing, I would have never thought a powder could cover like a full foundation!!! I think this has really sold me on using mineral wear!!! 

Second in the Mineral wear category is Cover Girl trublend minerals blush in pure romance. Oh my this is so pretty, very pink and just shimmery enough without going overboard!!! And I am beginning to sound like a Cover Girl Ad, what can I say for try me products the price is right!! You could honestly wear this blush all the time for all different occasions!!! It is a blush that can be built up as heavy or light as you want it! 


Last, but certainly not least is one of my favorite products in the whole wide world and it costs under 10.00!!! AirSpun Loose Face Powder, I have nothing but love for this powder!!! I decided to try a new color, up until this point I have always used the translucent, but I decided to go bold with Naturally Neutral!!! Works as wonderfully as it always has, I use the original formula which has a light baby powderish scent but you can get it scent free as well. The one issue I have had with this wonderful powder for years has been the packaging. The packaging was a paper box, when you lifted the lid the powder was loose loose with no grate over the top, so as you can imagine there was always a mess opening it, closing it, and using it, a puff cloud if you will of loose powder, if you are familiar with this product you know what I am talking about! This is a problem no more!!!!! The new packaging is a hard plastic box and when you open it there is a grate over the top of the powder, no more mess, Hurray!!! 

(These are all products I bought to use, my reviews are honest and my own.)