Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ahhhh, I am officially back now... All Natural June Green Grab Bag

Hi everyone I am Baaaacckkk! LOL. I took a blogging break after I received my Green Grab Bag, there were a few reasons, but mostly it was because I was so disappointing with the bag that I didn't even feel like talking about it... I have found the gumption to blog about it though, because I just started receiving July's boxes and I don't want to be to far behind. So here we go...

June's White Apricot Green Grab Bag

This is how it comes in a box which I took a picture of and posted with June Look Bag post. First off, when I took it out of the box it was smashed down in there so the bag looked horrible. It still doesn't look great, this was taken after I tried to straighten it up a bit. 

Attached is a card with the products inside listed, like most all other sample boxes/ bags.

Here are the products that were inside.

We will start with Brigit True Organics Magic Skin Balm. This is a really neat product and is one of the few in the bag I have actually enjoyed. It goes on a little greasy, almost like Neosporin. Once it soaks in the skin though its really not. It works well for all kinds of ailments, I know I have used it on bug bites to heat rash. The balm smells a lot like menthol, which it refreshing. The sample size is worth $4.20.

Next up is a great product Glam Nation Perfection Eye and Makeup Remover. I was very very disappointed in how it was sent out. Let me explain. I liked this product so much I went to the actual Glam Nation site to see about ordering the full product. While there I saw that they offered a free sample of their facial cleanser. So I went ahead and ordered it to see if I liked it too. I was so surprised when I received not only the facial cleanser but I also received this exact makeup remover and a sample of their facial cream. I then questioned Green Grab Bag about this and received a very sarcastic message back basically saying that they could not control what the manufacture sends them or sends out themselves. So, the sample value of this is $0.00.

This is Pangea Organics Facial Scrub, I actually haven't used this product yet, even though I brought it on vacation with me with the full thought of using it. It smells really nice and I will definitely use it soon. It's sample value is 10.00.

This cute little package contains a lotion pellet that is heart shaped. It is made by JourneysMother. I had to put it in the freezer as soon as I got it because it was pretty squishy, thanks GA heat. The fragrance is interesting to say the least. I am not sure I love it or not the combination of Cocoa and Lavender, the Vanilla scent is totally not even there. On hands a little goes a long long long way if you have ever used a beeswax based cream you know what I mean. I read the packaging and it says they can be used on everything from hands to split ends. The sample price is $.23.

It seems like Green Grab Bag sends out a lip balm type product almost every month from what I have read about their previous boxes. This is Organic Indulgences Lip Butter in Chocolate Mint. I actually like it a lot the scent is awesome without having the icky taste that lip balms like to add when there is a smell involved. It is full sized which is normal Chap Stick size. The price for one is $2.95.

Last but not least is Bamboo Cosmetics Bamboo Lash. It is an eyelash enhancement serum. The sample is double sided and actually includes the eyebrow serum as well. I don't know if I have been using this long enough to give it a full yea or nae on whether or not it really works. The sample size is worth $77.00. My only issue with this is I later found out that they actually sent these out because they had extra's of it from a give away that was done for mother's day...

So, overall it was an ok bag. Because their customer service was so snarky acting I decided to cancel. If you are interested in the bag there is still open subscriptions with no waiting list, it costs $15.00 a month. The total worth of this bag was $94.38 the bulk of that being the lash serum, without it the worth is $17.38. See you soon readers!

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