Friday, June 22, 2012

June Look Bag! Makup Bliss!!!!

I have been a bad bad blogger. Last week I received both my June Look Bag and Green Grab Bag. I took pictures and edited them all... And then, I didn't post a blog about either. So today y'all will be getting a double blog. I will get the second one up later this evening.

With that said! June's The Look Bag!!!!!

This is how it comes in a bubble envelope. I like it, but I wish they were reusable bubble envelopes, green is an effort all around.

I love the bag everything comes in! The organza cinch top bags are awesome for tons and tons of different things from gifting to storage!!!

As with most all other sub services you get a card that gives you a monthly greeting, theme and tells about the products that are inside. This month the theme was June Beauty Boom, they really were putting an emphasis on taking care of your skin during the summer, very good sage advice!!!

The first product, #1 on the card is Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing cream. I haven't tried this yet, but it will be nice to take this little tub along with me on vaca because I will be out in the sun a ton and in the water so I don't want to get dried out! The sample value of this is $2.20.

Next #2, says it is Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream, but what I was sent is Snowberry Intensive Renewal Face Serum. I am really glad I got this instead of the night cream, I have tons of that. For in the morning this is amazing!!! It has a slight smell of oatmeal, which I like, and it goes on and soaks in perfectly, dries quick too. It leaves your face feeling very very fresh! The sample value of this serum is $22.26. Just for giggles, the sample value of the night cream would have been $8.56 for the same size sample.


#3 on the card is Korres Eyeshadow. The color I received is Golden and it is part of the Sunflower Evening Primrose line. I am in love with this shadow! The pigment is amazing and really gives a lot of color!!! I have worn it several times now by itself. You can use it lightly for an all over color and then it can be layered more for a deeper pigmented color! This is a full sized product!!!! The price for one of these are $13.49.

The #4 item is this liner sharpener made by Prescriptives. I really like when boxes send out tools like this! This sharpener can put a point on both fat pencils and when the insert is placed small pencils! I had to estimate the price of this because I could not find this sharpener for sale on the Prescriptives web site. My estimate is around $2.00.

The Last product that comes in a Look Bag is a personal product that is chosen just for you based on your beauty profile. I received this Too Faced Sparkler Glamour Gloss in Violet Vapor. I like this gloss, but there are some aspects of it I am not a huge fan of. I love love love the color, the pictures do not do it any justice at all. It is a iridescent light purple white and other colors sparkle. I like the packaging. I also like how it comes out with the wind up, I do not like that you can turn it both ways and have to hold the bottom to twist up the top, I have been turning the wrong way a lot. I also do not like the feeling of it on my lips. It is very very grainy, not cool. This is another full sized product and the price is $9.99 for a tube.

So, all in all great bag! I am definitely going to stick with the Look Bag if they continue to send products of this level and variety! The look bag costs $10.00 a month. This bag was worth a total of $49.94. Not bad for $10.00.

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