Monday, July 16, 2012

July's BirchBox! Some Fun, some bleh...

Last Friday I received my July BirchBox. I was so excited to get it when I found out that they were teaming up with Glamour Magazine because I was thinking we would be getting samples of the newest trendiest things on the market. I was incorrect, it turns out it was more like a way for Birchbox to get rid of a bunch of samples they had and throw a couple of new bones to people. Now I am not fully upset about this, there have been things in past boxes I really wanted but didn't get. So without further ado BirchBox July.

The theme as you can see is See it, Hear it, Taste it, Touch it, Smell it. I do like the box cover, very pretty.

As usual when you open the box there is a card on top telling about the box and on the other side of the card is the list of products included.

Here is a shot of under the tissue paper, as usual I love the little wrapped goodies.

First up is the See it item. I received the boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens. I must say I was happy to get these. Living in the humid humid south and having oily skin sucks. I am constantly blotting my face to get rid of the shinies. This is a pretty good sample size to. The sample price is $2.50.

Also in the See it category is my second item. Eyeko Skinny liquid eye liner in Olive. I was planning on using this today for part of my work makeup, but I got up super late and ended up with no makeup on. The tip is really cool and very unlike most liquid eyeliners, think felt tip pen instead of a brush. I am really happy to get this item as well. Best part this is a full size item!! Retail is $15.00.

If you feel like you are having dejavu for the next 2 items, no fear, you are. In the Feel is slot is Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. I received a sample of this in my Sample Society box this month, if you remember correctly it was in bronzed and to dark. Well, Birchbox sent me Golden, guess what, its to dark too, and much smaller than the one sent from Sample Society. This went into the pot for the giveaway collection that I am building. Ok, so the sample value that was in my Sample Society box is $3.80, this sample value is $1.56. Pretty big difference.

 In the Smell it category I recieved Oscar De La Renta's Live in Love fragrance. Again, I had already received this fragrance in my Sample Society box, and again in a much larger size. I will say I really love this fragrance so the more the merrier. This is a tiny tiny vial though, I am trying to figure out how to put this tiny amount into my bigger bottle. The sample value from Sample Society was $5.80, from Birchbox the value is $1.37. Another big difference.

 For Taste it I got a LaraBar in Cherry Cobbler. First may I say that I haven't had a whole lot of luck in the bar department taste wise. Second, I do not like cherries at all. So with all the luck in the world I am handing this off to my giveaway collection. The sample value is $1.74.

Last is the Hear it. These are BirchBox exclusive ear buds. Sadly I cannot use ear buds because my ears are shaped funny and will not keep them secure. So these will be in the giveaway as well. I put a sample value of $3.00 on these, I had to guess at it, but I figured higher than lower. 

So all in all it was half and half. Half products I will use and half I won't. The total value of the box is $25.17 the only reason it is this high is because they included a full sized eyeliner, without the eyeliner it is $10.17. Not the best box, but I have high hopes for next month!!

*I bought this box, all reviews are honest and my own.*

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