Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I got in the mail.

I have been getting a lot of freebies here lately and have been waiting until I had a bunch before I did a blog post about them. I have gotten some really nice things here lately!

 To start off I am not sure how I got signed up for this sample, but I am sure glad I did! They sent an amazing sample pack for free!!! These are from Wholesome Sweeteners out of Sugar Land, TX, what a fitting name! As you can see they really want you to experience a lot of their products, and I am thrilled! I was sent 2 packets of organic Stevia, 1 packet of organic fair trade sugar, 2 packets of organic Blue Agave light color, 2 packets of maple organic blue agave, 2 packets of strawberry organic blue agave, 2 packets of organic blue agave amber color, 2 packets of vanilla organic blue agave, and finally 2 packets of cinnamon organic blue agave. The sample value is $2.12, that might not seem like a lot, but its a lot of product for that price... I really am thinking about ordering from them!

These next 3 items came from Jouer Cosmetics directly. You might remember I received the moisture tint in my Sample Society and Birch Boxes last month, well in both cases I received the wrong color. I emailed Jouer about possibly getting a sample of the moisture tint in my color and I received an email back very quickly saying sure and they also offered up 2 more products to sample, even giving me a choice of colors on one. Here you see what I got, 2 packets of the moisture tint, the lip enhancer (have fallen in love with it, I will be buying the full size), and finally 2 mini lip glosses the colors I chose are mimosa (left) and tender (right). The glosses are the most perfect formula EVER, the colors are beautiful, the formula is not sticky or grainy, and it lasts more that 10 minutes!!! They are a bit pricey but I think will be a worth it buy when my samples run out! The sample value for these all together is $15.72, again I received these for free!

Next are foil packets of Clear scalp and hair total care. I have heard some really great things about these products and am actually taking part in a consumer study for them from, I am waiting now on my coupons for the full size. No value on these, foil packets just aren't worth the time to look up.

I received both of these razors from Walmart, always keep an eye on their sample section they have some really cool stuff. These are not the only razors we have gotten from them either, I have gotten a couple Venus razors and husband actually got the Schick electric razor from them. These are both from the Schick Hydro line for men and women. Mine of course is still in the package to be used when I need it, husband on the other hand had to take his out to look at it, lol. The value on these are $15.88.

 I think I got this sample from the Purina facebook page. It is Cat Chow Healthy Weight. First off, my cats are spoiled, we have 2, Riley and Shelby, they do not have to eat dry food, they get wet food. But, when we are going somewhere for the weekend these sample boxes are a lifesaver, all we have to do is fill up their big bowl and they are set. I am not sure of the sample size of this so I am not going to try to guess at a price.

 Almost done now, I received these two 5 Hour Energy shots in Berry and Pomegranate from which is another consumer sampling site, this is the mission link if you are interested in checking out what its all about I really like these personally, and am still holding on to them for that day that I am absolutely dead on my feet. I will probably throw one in my laptop bag for when I hit that 2 pm wall of sleepy. The sample value on these are $4.68.

Last is Chris Cagle's new CD Back In The Saddle. Ok, well I didn't get this in the mail, and not everyone can go and sign up for it. I got it through my husband who's job sometimes puts him in direct contact with people on the inside. LOL. He is a diesel mechanic and more often than you would think they have tour buses and semi trucks that haul band equipment come through. This time around he was the lucky one that got to work on one of these and the driver gave him this CD, the driver had just come off of tour with Chris Cagle and was driving the tour bus for a band called Cherri Bomb who are on the Warped tour. The value on this is $14.98.

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