Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty Bar Sample Society - June Box

Hey everyone!!! I got my first Sample Society Sample Box yesterday!!! I did a lot of reading before I joined Sample Society the sample sizes were what really sold me, they are truly deluxe size! Sample Society costs 15.00 a month. If you would like to join please use my referral code PETH4992 for every referral 5.00 is donated to the charity of my choice. I chose Save Play KABOOM, they build playgrounds and help communities bring play to kids. Unlike Birchbox you do not get points for reviewing products, but you do get a 15.00 off 50.00 purchases, and you can earn rewards for purchases. On to the Box.

This is how the outer box looks, very sturdy!

 Inside the outer box is another box! The product box is super sturdy as well, I will be able to make very good use of it. When you open it all of the products are wrapped in pretty silver tissue paper, on top of the products is a booklet explaining what is in the box and tips for using the products inside. Product Time!
 All of the products come very well packaged and you can tell they didn't even move during transport.

The first item is Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Tokyo. It is so cute and tiny, yet still has plenty of product to really get a feel for the product. I like the color a lot, it isn't super pink so it doesn't wash me out, but it isn't red red either, its hard to explain, but as you see in the picture its shimmery (love)! Unlike many plumpers it does not burn or sting, it only tingles a little. I did see a difference in the plumpness of my lips, they were fuller than normal. So thumbs up on this product! A full size plumper costs $25.00. The sample is worth $15.62. The sample is only .03 oz. less than the full size product.
Next up is live in love by Oscar De La Renta. Many people seem to have a belief that Oscar is a grandmotherly type perfume, maybe other varieties are, I don't know I am not a big perfume buyer personally... This is not, at least to me grandmotherly at all! I might actually be persuaded to buy this after my sample which is pretty big is gone. On my skin the Jasmine notes come out very well and with the other light floral notes it is very nice. I would not categorize this as a young scent though, by young I mean high school, it is adult in a wonderful way. Oh and, isn't the bottle to cute!!! I don't know what I will do with it when there is no more sample though, maybe I will make a pretty bottle shelf in my bathroom. A full sized bottle of this is $58.00. The sample size is worth $5.80.
This next item is one I was very excited to try after I found out what was going to be in my box!!! I have curly/wavy hair so any product that enhances them I usually want to try, I am not a straight iron them away type at all. I haven't had a chance to try this one out yet, but when I do I will post an update here. A full size bottle costs $22.00. The sample size is worth $4.45.
Next is Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream. I am kind of interested in trying this product as well, I haven't begun to sample it yet I will probably start this evening post shower. I for the most part have high hopes for it, eye creams are one of those things that once you become a parent you need, I swear kids make the bags under your eyes 10x worse that when you stayed up all night and worked all the next day as a single childless person, I was guilty of doing that A LOT... A full sized tube is $95.00, holy cow!!!! This sample is worth $5.58.
 Finally we have this beauty. Murad Clarifying Cleanser for Acne!!! As many of my friends and of course my family knows I hoard acne products a little... At age 26 I still get break outs like a hormonal 15 year old, so anytime I get introduced to a new product that fights those evil things I must have it! I was going to try this last night, but I forgot it in the living room and didn't feel like trying to get out of the shower to retrieve it. So, this is another one I will be starting to sample tonight and update you on. A full size bottle is $26.00, not bad if it works. The sample size is worth $7.70.

All together I am really impressed with this sample box and I intend to stick with them! The entire sample value of the box is $39.15 which is $24.15 more than the price of the sample box.
I hope you have enjoyed, keep coming back for more boxes, reviews, hauls and other funness!

(I purchase this sample box with my own money, all opinions are honest and my own I am not paid to review these products.)

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