Thursday, September 13, 2012

So I Won a $25.00 gift card from Amazon. Here's what I got!

A while back I did a review on Dino Lingo that came in my Influenster Mom Box. I guess they liked it because I won a $25.00 gift card for for the review blog post! Link to post Woot Woot!!!! Of course since I knew before hand that I was getting the gift card I already knew what I was going to use it on. Here are the products I bought!

Coastal Scents Go Palette in Sydney and Shany Cosmetics Aluminum case with cosmetics included. I got them both for $28.70.

I am going to start with the Coastal Scents Palette! The cost on these are $8.95 and there are 7 different cities to choose from, after getting this one I am definitely going to be buying the rest of the set!!! Here's why!

First off the packaging is great! I really like that the outer box has both the picture of the country to go along with the city name. In this case the palette is based on Sydney, Australia! The compact is about the size of my palm. It is very sturdy and has the push button open instead of where you have to dig your fingers in the little slot to open it up. 

 Here she is all opened up. The colors are AMAZING!!! I loved them as soon as I saw them on the website, but they did no justice to how they look in real life, this picture doesn't even hold a candle to the truly brilliant vibrant colors!!! I cannot wait to start trying out each and every color!

Since this is just one in the collection of 7 I am going to share the stock pics of the other 6 with their names and my order of which ones are going to be next for me to buy!!! Remember these are just the stock pictures from 

There are so many other products that Coastal Scents offers as well! I intend to thoroughly check all that they have to offer out!!!

Ok, now on to the big item/s. When I saw this case I knew I haddddd to have it, not really because of the makeup inside but really for the case itself. I like to read reviews on anything I am even contemplating buying so when I saw what everyone was saying about the case and some of the cosmetics I knew exactly where the bulk of my 25.00 was going! The case cost a whopping $19.75.

Sorry for the icky picture quality, there were so many shiny bits and bobs that my camera was just not wanting to cooperate with me at all! Even without the cosmetics the case itself is so worth the 19.75 all by its lonesome! Makeup= Icing on the Cake!!! The case is aluminum and really really sturdy, as you can tell it will hold a whole lot! I am thinking of using it as my eyeshadow storage and then when needed my travel makeup case! Now lets get into the cosmetics it came with. At first I was confused because I ordered the product from Shany Cosmetics, but all the makeup said Cameo after a little googling I found out they are the same company.

Here are the items!

4 nail polishes, I know the first and last one look like the same color, but their not. One is more red and the other is more brown. I haven't tested these out yet, so we will see how they do.

4 Lipsticks. I really like these colors! They all have a shimmery quality and as you can see the one on the bottom left has a purpley iridescent to it as well. These seem to be alright. I used the one on the bottom right the other evening to go to a training meeting, it is very light, but when paired with Jouer gloss in Tender it is a match made in heaven the peach from the gloss makes this lipstick have so much depth!

2 Blush colors. I love blush so these are a win for me! I used the one on the right for the training meeting as well. It builds nicely, and is more pale pink than the picture seems, to much yellow light in my house.

It came with one large brush, a brow brush, a compact that will fit any of the square products, several foam applicators, a small brush to fit in the compact and 2l liner pencils one eye in black and brown, and one in light and dark pink for lips, I will be using both as eyeliner though.

The  final products in the box are eye shadows, 8 squares, with 4 each for a grand total of 32 colors! The colors are all very very nice and I like that they are set up like each is a different eye look. I have tested these out and while they are not super pigmented like say a Korres shadow, they are build able and not at all crappy to work with.

So for 3 something out of my pocket I think I did pretty well with this purchase! I hope that next voxbox I will be able to win another brand challenge so I can continue to try out some pretty cool stuff!

What do you think of this haul?

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