Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So, Maybe It's a Suitcase... What's in my Bag!

Looking through beauty blogs lately I have seen a lot of "What's in the Bag" posts. So, I thought what the heck I will go for it, I am in between sample boxes and other sampling at the moment. Only thing is, I carry not a little bag, or average sized purse for that matter, I carry a huge bag. I have been carrying big giant bags for years, like before the trendiness started years, lol. I have attempted to whittle my stuff down to little purses, but then they end up so stuffed that I can't get anything out, so I have given up.

So, here we go. What's in Patricia's Bag???

This is my bag at the moment. It is made by Bueno, and this picture makes it look kinda washed out. It is a little bit darker in person. I was drawn to it because of the A. Size B. Tons of Pockets and C. The fabulous tassels! It's all just preppy wonderful! 

 Here it is from the top, having the 3 sections is really handy for organizing everything!

And here begins the reason I cannot carry a little bag. These are the things I keep in the right hand pocket, all of these are things that I like to keep handy and easy to grab. We have, my wallet, my keys, glasses case ( I wear glasses and prescription sun glasses), my notepad, gum, and a quick lip balm in this case its Organic Indulgence Chocolate Mint Lip Butter that I got from my first and last Green Grab Bag. My phone is usually in this side too.

 The center zipper compartment holds my tissues, mini first aid kit, and my pen collection! I will say now that I might have a pen addiction, from glitter gel pens to colored ball points I heart them all!!!! There are probably a dozen pens in my purse at any given time...

The other side of my purse holds 3 different lotions they are Avon, CO Bigelow, and the Borghese I got in my sample society box. The 3 makeup bags you see hold my medications, purse makeup kit, and a clutch for when I only need a couple of things with me mostly for Jags Football games!

My purse makeup kit includes one of my 2 Dr. Jart+ BB creams,Ulta blush, Neutrogena skin clearing pressed powder, an ELF smokey eye shadow trio, a Bonnie Bell eyeshadow compact, an ELF black liquid eyeliner, Almay Intense I-Color mascara, and a variety of brushes. The kit works well for those mornings when I have to run out of the house because I woke up late. Or if its so flaming hot, as South GA can be, that my makeup has oozed off my face and I need to wash and redo before going out for the evening. I highly recommend a small kit like this for every woman to carry. As you can tell from the random variety, this kit has stuff that I don't particularly love, but they are ok... My gym bag kit is even more random, but has more color options because I am usually getting ready for work after my workout.

Last, but not least is the back zipper pocket of my suitcase... It holds my other obsession, lip products and as you can see blotting papers, again I live in South GA they are necessary!!! So lip products, from left to right, Carmex Moisture Plus balm lip balm, CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine, Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment, Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer lip care, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten, MyGlam Glam Gloss #1, Beauty Treats Shimmery Lip Gloss, Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Stellar, Ulta Lipcolor in Good Year for Wine, and finally Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in #18 Peach. Though it may seem unbelievable I actually use all of these quite often. I use this pocket as a surprise when I need one, just reach in, pull the first one you feel out and put it on. I love all of these products so keeping them on hand is highly important!

And that Ladies and Gents is what's in my bag!!!!! Hope that was a fun trip for you, it just reminded me that I carry around a ton of stuff!

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