Friday, August 31, 2012

UnReal Candy Bzzzzz Campaign!!!

As a BzzAgent Member I get the opportunity to try out new products to see how I like them and if I would buy them in the future! I receive these products for free to review, I am under no obligation to say they are great to get a paycheck, lol. If you would like to sign up to be a BzzAgent too the website is Ok, now that all of that is out of the way lets talk about what I am reviewing today!
 These Yummy Candies are made by UnReal! The big thing with UnReal is that they want to unjunk junk food! I am down with that! BzzAgent sent me a coupon to get a free candy to try out. I bought mine at CVS and at the time they were also running a 2 for $2.00 deal so I picked up 2 varieties to try out!

These are what I picked up, sorry for the not the greatest instagram pic, I took it before diva girl and I inhaled the peanut butter cups! Like I just said I got the peanut butter cups and the candy coated chocolate peanuts! I have not tried the candy coated chocolate peanuts yet, I am waiting for that moment when I really really need a pick me up. I did try the peanut butter cups and OMG they are awesome! The big turn off from Reeses for me has always been how sickeningly sweet they are, these conquer that issue head on, from the REAL chocolate flavor and texture to the unsuper sweetened peanut butter in the center. Diva even liked them! Her reaction was if she was spending her own money and had the choice between these or Reeses right beside each other she would not know which to choose! From a 6 year old that is a glowing review! These are 190 calories for 2 cups but the richness will make you second guess even eating the 2nd one in the pack I know I wouldn't have been able to! So try them out and if you would like to have a bogo coupon I have several that BzzAgent sent to me and I would be happy to send one to you so that you may try the yumminess out! Just drop me a line on here or on facebook with your email addy so that I can get your physical address!

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