Monday, August 13, 2012

August Birch Box! Beauty School???

After waiting what seems like forever this month I got my August Birch Box!!! This month's theme was Beauty School, I guess it's their attempt to tie in the beginning of the school year and their charity project.

As usual this is how the box looks when you open it up. One big difference this month is that there isn't just a card telling you the products. Instead there is a fold out pamphlet that gives a lot of tips, much like Sample Society.

This is the pamphlet. lots of interesting stuff to read.

 This is the charity interest I was talking about. It is called Pencils of Promise. A percentage of all sales from the Birch Box shop will go to this charity.

And now on to the actual products!

 As usual everything is packed away semi neatly with the wrapped present!

And here is a shot of all the products, as you can see one of my qtip thingys are out of the packaging. I am going to be emailing Birchbox about this.

First up are Beauty Fixation Makeup Remover swabs. My first thoughts on these without using them are, aren't these basically like the iodine swabs that use to come in first aid kits? You break them to make the solution come out then use them to take away makeup goofs, much like a cotton swab dipped in water... The biggest difference are that these cost $5.00 for 24 of them, and it costs $2.00 for around 500 cotton swabs and water is free.... As you can see I got 3 of them, one wasn't in the packaging though and was just in the box. After looking at the individually wrapped packaging, and realizing that the one on the end wasn't sealed at all leads me to believe that this one was just thrown in the box, so I only have 2 to use... Not cool Birchbox, a little quality control goes a long way... The sample value of these are $.62.

 Second in the line up is Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur. I haven't smelled this yet because I have been cooking but no matter how it smells it has something going for it right out of the gate. A spritz top!!!!! In the world of sample fragrances these are a rare gem! The sample price is $1.40. 

 Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curls is up next. I have been able to sample a couple of other Miss Jessie's products lately and I will say I love them!!! My hair has been manageable with the slightest amount of effort here lately!!! I cannot wait to try this out tomorrow morning!!! The sample value is $8.00.

Last in the regular Birchbox line up is a Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pen in Bronze Brilliance. This is a full size product. As you can see on the right I swatched it for all to see. Its really pretty and goes on pretty easily, I might take this for a test spin tomorrow.
The value of these are $18.00 and they come in tons of different shades! I am actually really happy with this color because I really don't have anything like it!

Last up is what Birch Box is calling a find. Its a Schick Hydro Silk razor. If y'all remember I got one of these for free a while back too. I really love getting it! With razors and blades being so expensive a couple lying around doesn't hurt my feelings at all! The sample value on this is $5.29.

So all together a great Birch Box this month, minus the whole qtip thing... The total price for all the samples is $33.31. With the cost of the box being $10.00 I think I made off well this month! 

This month I only have one sample box left to come in, and it said it was in Orlando when I checked it early today, so I might get it tomorrow!!! It will be a debut for me even though the company has been around for a while, but, no spoilers til I get it!!! 

*I buy these with my money, all reviews are honest and my own.*


  1. I didn't even realize until I saw your Birchbox post and other's post's that you were supposed to get 3 of the q-tip things and I only got 2. I love your Pixi shadow!

    1. Yup, 2 of those things, lol. I love the pixi as a eyeliner, I haven't had the chance to see what it can really do as a full shadow yet. This week I am trying to concentrate on my new plaything online. I will get all the details on that up soon.