Friday, August 3, 2012

My last Look Bag, July's Bag.

Hey there everyone! This is my very last Look Bag, it is last month's, July, I have been so busy that I haven't been able to get to it though, it has been sitting right on my desk waiting. The reason that it will be my very last one is that in July they put out a memo that they were closing up shop, then today I got a message saying that they are reopening in September. Though I like them alright, not really thrilled with July, and I was able to get 2 bags from them I am not really into the whole wishy washy thing. Two months is not enough time to totally revamp the company, get new products in, and then shipped out. I apologize in advance for the icky pictures my camera wasn't cooperating with me that day.

So here is it July's Look Bag. The theme for the month was Summer Fun!

Here is the Card that came with it telling about the theme.

Here is how the bag looked when I opened it up! I really love the bags, since I have 2 now I use one as a bag for my samples of body creams and the other holds all of my hair ties!

 The first product is from Korres, I am really really liking this company and will probably order a few things from them in the future. This is the Mango Butter Lipstick in #18 Peach. I love this color, the texture is great and it is not a heavy lipstick formula so you can swipe it on without having to be right in front of a mirror. While doing my pricing research on it I came to find out it is a discontinued color. This is not the first time that the Look Bag has sent out a discontinued color from Korres, my eyeshadow I received in May's bag was a discontinued color as well. This is a full sized lipstick! The price I could find on it is $8.99.

Item number 2 is from Ultra Flesh, it is their Gold Standard Mascara. This mascara is AMAZING, it separates lashes perfectly!!! To bad like the lipstick it is discontinued as well, so though I was able to try this product I cannot go buy it unless I order it from Amazon stores that were able to get a bulk supply. It is a pretty good sample size so it should last me quite a while. The sample value is $4.72.

Item 3 is Betsy Johnson Perfume. This tiny little sample was good for one use because as soon as you opened it it began evaporating. When I came home and looked at it there was nothing left in it. It smells nice, but you would have to reapply pretty often to have the continual scent. I had a hard time pricing this one as well, turns out it is a Drug Store scent that is currently on clearance... The sample value on this is $.25.

Item 4 is Bremenn Research Labs Miracle Cream for the face. I really like this, it will be really nice for the winter when my skin gets really dry. It's not greasy at all and dries nicely. The sample value is $9.04.

Finally item number 5 are these little nail polishes... If you are around my age which is 26 you might recognize these. These are Bon Bon's fruit scented polishes in blueberry and lime, these come in a set of 5 scents, so they broke up the sets and sent each person 2... These were the coolest thing in the world when I was in Elementary and Middle school... With that said, I am now an adult and my tastes have changed considerably... Why would a company that wants to show you new and high end items put Bon Bon's in their sample line up is truly beyond me. My 6 year old loves them! The sample value on these are $1.98. 

The Look Bag costs $10.00 per month, the total worth of July's bag was $24.98. Normally I would be fine with this, but when you put multiple discontinued products and nail polish that is far far less than quality I begin to wonder about the legitimacy of a company that advertises to have the newest products to try. So that is my last bag, if you would like to try them for yourselves they are reopening in September.

*I pay for these sample boxes and bags with my own money, any and all opinions are honest and my own.*

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