Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beauty Box Subscription Debut!!!! MyGlam Bag!!!

Hey guys!!! Since The Look Bag decided to call it quits, and then decided to come back after 2 months, and is being in general weird, I decided to try a new beauty subscription. There are so many on the market now that being able to trial and error all different type of companies is great! With my definite keepers being Birch Box and Sample Society I have one slot left. After a lot of research and looking at the different products offered month to month I decided to try MyGlam like many other subs they send out one box (in their case bag) a month filled with 5-6 products to try out! The cost for this one is $10.00 a month. At the moment there is a wait list. So here is what I got in my MyGlam bag!!!

This is how the products are packaged, every month you get a different bag which is really awesome because I can store so many different things in these little makeup bags! 

Here is a quick shot of all the products before I get into them individually.

Like most all other subs you get a card with the theme for the month and a list of products. This month's theme was Endless Summer!

Up first is Eclos Regenerative Cream. I have not tried this out yet, because I am still getting through other creams I am testing out as well. This company is owned by Freeman who make a lot of different kinds of beauty masks. The sample worth is $3.12.

Also, I received Eclos Facial serum. I haven't tried this either, I kind of want to try them out together to see how they work as a pair. This sample is worth $7.35.

Next is a Demeter roll on perfume oil in Clean Skin. This smells really good! Very light I would compare it to BBW's Clean Linen mixed with a very light floral. But, as usual scents are very varied to every person based on your own hormones and skin. This one was very easy to price since the Demeter web site sells these in this size. The sample price is $10.00.

Last of the easy stuff that was in the bag is Salty Cosmetics mineral eyeshadow in Glama-ZOID!. When I first pulled this out of the bag I thought is was just a basic white eyeshadow and was just going to add it to my giveaway bag since I have several white shadows. Even when I looked closer at it after opening it to swatch it looked like a basic white with a little shimmer. And then I actually swatched it. HOLY COW this stuff is beautiful. It is iridescent, the colors change from the white, to a pink, to a purple color! I have yet to try it on my eyes since I have been hitting the gym pretty hard the last few days, but I cannot wait to get the time to actually try it out! This is another one of those that the actual website sells this sample size. It's value is $3.97.

 First off, this is a horrible picture. But, it was the only picture I could get that showed the color for some of it's glory. The color is Ringmaster, and it is a full sized bottle! The company is new, like so new these are not even on sale yet so I have no value for them. It is from Andrea's Choice and the line of colors is called Circus. This color is AMAZING, so much more neon colored than the picture depicts it to be. Diva girl is so excited to get this on her nails! I haven't done it yet, but that is because she is grounded at the moment, no TV and no nail polish. It is killing her.

This last item is made by MyGlam. It is called Glam Gloss, I got color #1. It is so very very pretty! The formula is very nice too, there is no shimmer in it either which is a different change of pace for me, almost all of my glosses are shimmery or glittery. This is another item that I cannot price, because they are not sold, it was a special product from MyGlam. I am going to guess and say it would be considered full size since it is the size of most of my other full sized glosses and bigger than some others. 

Last but not least is the bag itself. I really like it! The mesh is a heavy duty plastic and the zipper is sturdy! I decided to use it to hold my cotton makeup remover pads. 

So, all in all I really like what MyGlam sent this month! They are possibly going to be a keeper depending on what the coming months offer! The total sample value without the Polish, Gloss, and Bag is $24.44. For not having prices on 3 items that is still over double what I paid!!! I must say this month has been great for my beauty subs, I really hope they all continue to be just as great!!

*I buy these with my own money, all reviews are honest and my own!*


  1. Wow. That Circus polish looks awesome. You'll have to let us know if its worth a second look for when it makes its debut. None of the color club I've received from bb seems worth the price tag. Glad to see myglam has grown!

    1. Yup! I am excited to see what they are going to offer this month, the sneak peek of the bag itself looks soooo tempting!