Saturday, August 4, 2012

Conair and Ulta Hauls!!!!

Hey again, I am bound and determined to get all my posts done before I receive my next few packages in the mail. Being caught up with things is nice. Earlier this week and today I was able to get some serious hauls from Conair and Ulta Beauty, so awesome I have to share!!!

We will start with my Conair haul from KMart. With the school year less than 2 weeks away diva child and I needed to go hair shopping. She has long hair and likes having her hair done up and pretty for school. While wondering around our local Kmart store I stumbled upon a display with grab bags of Conair brand hair do dads for 2.99 a peice I of course grabbed 3 of them and might go back for another for my personal use!!! Here is what I got for $8.79.

3 Packs of Up Do Pins 12 pieces in each. Priced at $1.99 for a pack. Diva and I will share these.

3 super pretty jeweled Chignon Pins. Priced at $6.00 a piece. These are to big for Diva's head so score for me!

3 packs of Spin Pins 4 to a pack. Priced at $2.18 a piece. These are all diva, she is so excited to try them when school starts!

 3 snap closure barrette all so pretty and different. They are all priced differently so from left to right $5.59, $2.29, and $7.99. Diva and I will share the first 2 and she has the last one all for herself.

2  lace and ribbon rhinestone head wraps. These are priced at $4.49 a piece. I tried these on Diva and her head is to little for them, so they are all mine, lol!

And finally an 8 head band value pack. Priced at $4.49. These went to Diva's head band collection, she loves head bands and she has so many fly aways that I put them in her hair even if it is pulled up.

The break down: The value of all 3 grab bags is $55.36 this comes out to roughly $18.45 per bag, I paid $2.99 per bag or $8.79 for all 3, so the value after what I paid out is $46.57. Not bad at all!!!!

Next up is Ulta Beauty, if you have ever been to one of their stores you know it's a beauty product MECCA!!! If you haven't gone to one go to their website and find your nearest one and go. When I say Mecca I mean it, they have everything from Cover Girl all the way up to High High end brands. Well, through a little birdie I found out that in the Fall 2012 Allure Beauty guide there are Ulta ads on almost every page, and if you look at them closely many are actually coupons for free sample or trial sized products at Ulta stores and there is a $5.00 off a $10.00 purchase coupon in there.The birdie also told me that if you spend $17.50 on select Ulta brand items you receive a 13 piece cosmetics bag set, more about that soon.

First off these are the items I got free from the Allure Ads.

Murad Radiance peel. The sample value is $9.60.

Strivectin Power Serum. The sample value is $1.74. This is one of the items I didn't get for myself but instead got for my Momma, I thought she might like to try them.

Exuviance Targeted Filler T-5. The sample value is $6.42. This one went to my Momma as well.

And the last of the freebies is Kendra Platinum Blow Dry Spray. This is the travel size and the value on it is $13.00.

So, the value of my freebies before I spent any money is $30.76, not bad for free!

Next we are going to move along to what I bought to reach my $17.50 mark of Ulta Brand products.

Ulta Eyeshadow single in Complicated. This color is sooo pretty, and is actually a little more bright in real life, but the picture really brings out the gold shimmer that you can't see. The cost is $7.00.

I am a bit of a Eye Shadow junkie so item 2 is this Eyeshadow single in Key West. Again love it!!! The picture does not do the color justice it is a very greeny blue rather than bluey green like the picture. The cost is $7.00.

Last of the bought items is Ulta Fabulous Face Concealer stick in Light. As of yesterday morning I only had enough concealer for one more day, and that is no good at all for me, because I have terrible bags under my eyes because I do not sleep enough. I really like the stick, I haven't used one in a long long time though because of my hook up with Johnson and Johnson. The cost of this is also $7.00.

So, the total cost of my purchased items was $21.00. But, remember I had my coupon for $5.00 off a $15.00 or more purchase, so it dropped down to $16.00. Since my purchase price before my coupon was over $17.50 I was able to get the 13 piece bag, and OMG it was so worth it!!!

Here is the bag I picked, there were 3 different options I chose the Mystic-Cool collection, before I dug into it. The bag itself is great! I used it this evening as a clutch to carry my things to the Jacksonville Jaguar scrimmage game and it fit everything I needed perfectly! The color is a dark burgundy snake skin print. It zips up and then snaps over, which is nice and secure in crowds! I was able to price the bag at $8.00.

The first thing out was a tube of Instant Nourish Moisturizer. I can never have enough moisturizer. The sample value of this is $4.41.

Next in the bag were 2 eye shadow quads. These are super nice. The one on the left has the colors:
Top 2: Iceland and Must Have
Bottom 2: Eggplant and Eclipse.
The one on the right has the colors:
Top 2: Silk and Gold Dust.
Bottom 2: Platinum and Granite.
The price on these are $12.00 a piece or $24.00 for both.

 Next up is the Ulta Cheek Color in Adore. Its very pretty and has a nice light shimmer to it. This was one of the main reasons I chose this bag, the other 2 bag's blush was way to dark. Don't you love the snake skin print on the pressed powder. The value for this is $7.00.

Now we get to the Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Stellar. This is AH-MAH-ZING!!!!!!! I put it on as soon as I took the plastic wrapper off and OMG there is no sticky, no grainy, no goopy, lasts for ages, and has a shimmer to boot! The value of this is $6.00.

And if you have a lip gloss you have to have a lip stick to put it over. This color is called Good Year For Wine. It is a deep red wine color, and it very pretty, I thought at first it would over power my face, but it didn't at all especially with the Stellar gloss over top! This value of this is $8.00.

Yay for new Mascara!!!!!!! This is the Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara in Black. As with all mascara the verdict is still out until I try it for a while! The value is $10.00.

Next out of the bag is this dual ended eyeliner in black and deep brown. Ulta does not sell their liners like this they sell them in singles. Since I got half of 2 singles I value this at $7.00 which is the price of 1 pencil.

The picture does not even kinda do this polish justice, the deep deep deep red is so pretty. The color is called Femme Fatale. Sadly I get my nails done at a salon, so I may either give this to my Momma or possibly put it in my giveaway collection. This is a mini and not the full size so the value is $3.07.

Last, but not least in the bag were 3 makeup brushes, a Contour Brush, a Eye Shadow Brush, and a Sponge Tip Brush. These all went straight into my traveling bag that lives in my purse, and I was able to get rid of a couple brushes that had been retired to the travel bag after their daily use was depleted. I figured the value of these to be $5.00.

Now lets break it all down. The freebies from Allure Magazine were worth 30.76. I purchased $16.00 worth of products after the coupon. And then the 13 item gift bag is worth 82.48. So, just the freebies are worth $113.24. Minus what I spent out I received $97.24 worth of product from Ulta!!!!!

*I bought all products myself, all reviews are honest*

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